Want to get involved?

RCCT has many areas in which we’d welcome your volunteer efforts, on stage and behind the scenes

Do you want to help the Rogers City Community Theatre?  We need volunteers!  You can share your skills and time to make a good impact in the community.  To apply, click the links below.  Thank you for your help!


Do you like being on stage? Is acting in your blood? RCCT is a great place to explore those interests. Even if you’ve never acted in a play before, you are invited to audition for any of our plays (including musicals). Unless otherwise stated, the age requirement for all plays except the Summer Youth Program is 16 or older, except when children are needed in the cast. Our Summer Youth Program is for students age 8 – 17. Please don’t let perceived audition expectations intimidate you. We’ll walk you through the process so you’ll know what to expect before you arrive at the theater.


Have a creative eye? Be a director! We have a mentor program (assistant directing) for people interested in directing a play. Learn from an experienced director. The assistant director is the director’s right arm and the stage manager during performances. It’s a great training ground for those interested in directing! If you have the idea for a particular show please submit an application here.


Would you rather work behind the scenes? We have many volunteer opportunities that don’t involve performing on stage. Each show needs someone to run lights and sound, produce, help backstage in various capacities, and help with programs and ushering on performance days. We have people who can mentor you in your area of interest.


Are you good with a needle and thread? Our costumers are always looking for more people to help design and create costumes for our shows. We are in the process of setting up a large work area with commercial sewing machines to help the design and creation processes move more smoothly.


Are you good with a hammer or artistic design on a grand scale? Set design and building may be a good fit for you. Learn how to design and build sets for our plays by working with our main mentor, Karl W. Heidemann.


We also have opportunities to volunteer through Board Committees.  A helping hand is always welcome.

For more information, please e-mail:  rogerscitytheatre@gmail.com